Monday 25 April 2016

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall - the seasons in my fiction. Part One: Winter.

One of the first things I choose before I write a story is the time and the season in which it is set. Winter, spring, summer and the fall all have their own particular beauties and also their own perils.

Winter, a time of feasting,gift-giving,  hope, reconciliation, new years, new beginnings and Christmas. Also a time of hardship and danger, of being lost in the snow, biting cold, bitter frosts and long, dark nights,

 My Snow Bride, Twelve Kisses,  A Christmas Sleeping Beauty, Sebastian the Alchemist and His Captive  Julian the Sheriff and His Captive are all winter medieval romances. Flavia's Secret, my historical romance set in ancient Roman Britain, has its climax during the Roman version of Christmas, the Saturnalia.

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