Sunday 13 March 2016

Bronze Lightning - top at Bookstrand Romance

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  1. Bronze Lightning (MF)
    Lindsay Townsend
  2. Magnolian (MF)
    Lisa Greer
  3. The Feeling of Love (MF)
    Lavada Dee
  4. Nothing to Lose (MF)
    Lavada Dee
  5. Sweet Dreams (MF)
    Jordana Ryan
  6. A Little R & R (MF)
    Morgan Ashbury
  7. A London Werewolf in America (MF)
    Pat Cunningham
  8. Time on Her Hands (MF)
    Melissa Jarvis
  9. Harvest Edge (MF)
    Jade Burns
 Thrilled that 'Bronze Lightning is at Number 1!

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