Monday 2 May 2016

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall - the seasons in my fiction. Part Two: Spring.

Spring is all about growth. Days are becoming longer, the earth warmer, flowers and trees are starting to bloom, people feel more ready for change and adventure, perhaps even taking a risk, or in Medieval times, going on pilgrimage.

Go on pilgrimage and see the widow of Bath unmask a killer. An Older Evil

Spring is often a season of change. Explore that and what it means to be a medieval woman in Mistress Angel.

I've realized that many of my romantic suspense stories that involve seeking - finding family, finding killers, recovering the truth, finding love - take place in the spring-time. These stories are:

Holiday in Bologna - Heidi seeks family and love in Italy. Sweet romance. In print as one of two in Summer Duet. Also in Audio.

Chasing Rachel - Rachel returns to help her family and becomes the target of a stalker.

Palace of the Fountains - Caro is hurting after her divorce. Will a stay in a beautiful Spanish palace bring her answers and peace? In print, ebook and Audio,

The English Daughter. In Corfu, Val tries to reconnect with her estranged family while she is tormented by dreams of a murderer. This story only 99p/99C. Also in Audio.

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