Friday 20 May 2016

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall - the seasons in my fiction. Part Three: Summer

 Summer. A time of heat and harvest, of Midsummer magic and revels, of long, slow days and sultry nights. A time for betrothals, marriages and wedding nights.

Alice must marry a stranger and seek her lost sister in medieval London.  Bride for a Champion.

A feisty virgin and an angry knight must seek a unicorn. The Virgin, the Knight and the Unicorn.

Valens needs a wife and is not above stealing one. Valens the Fletcher and His Captive 

Magnus and Elfrida race against time to recover 7 kidnapped maidens. A Summer Bewitchment.

Sarmatia is a bull leaper. Fearn is a northern king. Do they have a future together? Bronze Lightning. 

A golden treasure, a hot Greek island, a mysterious Italian. 1930s Rhodes in summer in A Secret Treasure 

Can Amice trust a mercenary and have her revenge? Amice and the Mercenary.

Midsummer is for feasting, bonfires, charms and lovers. Midsummer Maid.

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