Wednesday 10 February 2021

99 cents/99 p Medieval & Ancient World Historical Romance Novels for Valentine's Day

Looking for Historical Romances to read for Valentine's? Why not try these medieval and ancient world romances, just 99 cents or 99p each and free to read with Kindle Unlimited.

#HistoricalRomanticSuspense & #AncientWorldMystery 

 BRONZE LIGHTNING #99cents UK #99p 

Excerpt: The power was growing, drawing in his body like a strong fire. The Sky God was in him, throwing a deeper burr in his voice. 'It's time you learned what kind of king you have.'
 'O, Mother,' whispered Laerimmer, his features grayer than the sleet, 'he's a storm bringer. That's his kingly power.' He sank to his knees and covered his face. 

Historical Novel Review 

Excerpt: The guards put her with the whores, the drunkards, the killers 

Dare Celtic Flavia trust her new Roman Master Marcus? #99cents #99p 

 And my Medieval Historical Romance Novels
 A KNIGHT’S PRIZE #99cents UK #99p 

 A KNIGHT’S CAPTIVE #99cents UK #99p 


 A KNIGHT’S VOW #99c #99p 
Alyson heard the shouts from the surviving men-at-arms and jerked her head up, all thought of prayer forgotten. ‘My Lord Dragon,’ she whispered. 


You can read all four of thesde medieval historical romances in one big romance bundle LOVE AND CHIVALRY, free with Kindle Unlimited and just 99cents or 77p

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