Tuesday 21 February 2012

'Flavia's Secret' now out as an audiobook

If you enjoy listening to historical romance, you may be interested that my ancient Roman romance, 'Flavia's Secret,' has been issued today as an audiobook from AudioLark.

Here's the blurb:

The price of Flavia's freedom may be her death.

A slave in Roman-controlled Aquae Sulis (modern Bath), Flavia knows her tender-hearted mistress meant to free her and her other slaves, but when she passes away suddenly, the chance for freedom looks like it's slipping away.

Flavia takes matters into her own hands. As a scribe, it's easy for her to forge a note in her mistress' hand.

But when a new master arrives, Marcus Brucetus, a charismatic, widowed officer toughened in the forests of Germania, Flavia is afraid she's gone too far. If her deception is found out, all the slaves may die.

When Marcus Brucetus takes over the villa, the last thing he expects is to fall in love with a slave. Still mourning his wife and daughter, he has too much respect for himself and for Flavia to force himself on her.

He must free the scribe, as her deceased owner wished, but as the wild mid-winter festival of Saturnalia approaches, and a new danger lurks, he finds it increasingly hard to let her go.

If he does, will she freely choose to stay with him? Or will she be stolen away from him before she can even make the choice?

You can buy the audiobook here:

...and here are details of the ebook and print book:


Sarah J. McNeal said...

I think that's wonderful. Audio books are terrific to listen to on road trips. They hold my interest without distracting me from driving. They're also good for those nights when I can't get to sleep. I can listen to a book and it helps relax me and lull me to sleep.
How did you get Flavia's Secret into audio? Did your publisher work that out.
I know this media will prove very successful for you.
All the best.

Linda Acaster said...

It's a cracking cover, even though Marcus looks a mite boyish for how I envisage him, but then again I'm hardly the target reader. Great to hear this is out on audio and the very best of luck with it.

Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks, Sarah and Linda!

Sarah - 'Flavia' and several of my novels were published by Bookstrand. I retained the Audio rights, so I contacted AudioLark directly. They are a very friendly company and I've found them lovely to work with. Their submission guides are on their website.

Jenny Twist said...

It looks really good, Lindsay

Susan Bergen said...

I'm a big fan of audio books. Good on a long walk. This looks an exciting story, Lindsay. Hot cover model!

Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks, Jeny!
Thanks, Susan! I agree about the long walks!

Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz said...

Hi Lindsay, stop my blog. I just nominated you for the Lucky 7 Meme award.