Thursday 29 April 2010

'A Knight's Enchantment' gets four stars from Romantic Times

The first review of A Knight's Enchantment is in, from the June issue of Romantic Times, and it lifted my day:

'Townsend's newest book, with its back-drop of political and religious intrigue and mayhem, delivers a romance not soon to be forgotten. With characters of great depth and emotion, torn between familial responsibilities and their deepening love, this explosive tale will bring joy and fulfillment to readers.

'Joanna of Glastonbury, an alchemist, is forced to create gold for an elixir of eternal life to save her father's life as a prisoner of the corrupt Bishop Thomas. To her surprise, she is taken captive by the knight Hugh Manhill when he accosts the bishop in an attempt to ransom his brother, a Templar, from the bishop. After escaping, he and Joanna begin to feel deep emotional desires for each other. Knowing they cannot succeed alone, they join forces to free the prisoners. The stunning climax will bring them peace.' Four stars - Kathe Robin.

The link to RT is here.

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