Friday 4 April 2008

Twelve Kisses

She has twelve days to win his heart.

He has twelve nights and twelve kisses to prove his love.

The battle for the crown of England has ended, and Henry Tudor is king. For David, a supporter of the king, that is excellent news. For Alis, who has been in love with him since a girl, life is less certain. David has married her, but can he love her when her family supported the house of York?

Compelled to be alone with her new husband over a snowy Christmas-time, will Alis win her heart's desire? Will David truly love her?

MuseItUp Publishing December 14, 2012

Alis and David were childhood sweethearts, but times were different then. The struggle for the crown of England brought contention between those loyal to Henry Tudor and those who supported the House of York. Not only are Alis and her family Yorkists, while David’s family supported the Tudors, the war has also changed David.

David is no longer the carefree lad Alis knew and loved in her youth, but she loves him still. Now that he has married her, she decides she wants more; she want to win his heart and she only has twelve days alone with him in a little cottage over Christmas-time to make him see how much she cares. David has promised twelve kisses and Alis hopes to make each one count.

Twelve Kisses provides such a sweet interlude for the holidays. Lindsay Townsend, in her usual magical style, has created characters readers can fall in love with from the moment they walk onto the page and her ability to paint a scene pulls the reader in to witness the action of the story. The reader who wants a repast from the hectic holidays need only sit by the fire with a cup of hot chocolate and open Twelve Kisses to be transported to a quiet time when love blossoms as the snow falls. -Four and a half lips