Monday 21 April 2008

Introducing me

I'm new to this blogging, so let me introduce myself to start with. I'm Lindsay Townsend ( and I write fiction.

Over the past years I've written mostly romantic suspense, but now I'm taking off in a new direction - historical romance. I'm really excited about this, because I can revisit the medieval world, which has always fascinated me.

My first book for Kensington Publishing, A Knight's Vow, came out in March 2008, and there's another - A Knight's Captive - on its way. Both are set in medieval England: the first in 1138, the second in 1066. There's an extract from A Knight's Vow on my website right now, if you want to check it out.

Both the Kensington books are medieval, but I'm also interested in the ancient world and another romance, Flavia's Secret, is set in Roman Britain in 206 AD. That's coming later this year from Bookstrand as an electronic title. There's a lovely cover on Bookstrand's site already, and a bit of a summary.

I must go and write, but I'll post news here as it happens. And I'm looking forward to hearing from you...


Unknown said...

I think that historical romance is great! I mean, you can learn about historical times while researching or finding something to write from, inspiration. For me, I prefer historical romances because they take place in a time when certain values were not ignored, or forgotten like they are today. just certain things like marriage; no pre-marital sex and staying with the one you married knowing that there were no such thing as divorce. For me, things like that are important, and yet I also think that people have a choice with what they do in their lives, which is why I really enjoy historical romances....well have fun writing and best wishes on your books!!

Lindsay Townsend said...

Hi Ash,
Thanks for the good wishes. I love historical romance for the scope it gives me for adventure and other, exotic worlds. I love exploring the different mind-sets of characters from different periods in time.
Happy reading!
Best Lindsay