Tuesday 1 April 2008

A Christmas Sleeping Beauty

Handsome, confident, a touch arrogant, Prince Orlando thinks that now he has found Sleeping Beauty, his kiss will wake her at once. When it does not, he realizes he has much to learn about life, and love.

Princess Rosie, trapped in her enchanted sleep, dreams of a mysterious man. Is he a rescuer, or a nightmare? She must fight to recover herself, and all before Christmas, for time is running out.

MuseItUp Publishing, 2011

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Two Lips Reviews:

A Christmas Sleeping Beauty is an old standard with a very surprising twist. Lindsay Townsend has created a prince with a lot to learn about spells and the sleeping beauty, Princess Rosie. Once again, Ms. Townsend employs beautiful scenery that makes the story come alive for this splendid rendition of an old favorite. The beginning draws the reader in; the middle presents a great challenge; and the ending will amaze you. A Christmas Sleeping Beauty will absolutely enchant you. - Five Lips

Sizzling Hot Books:

I enjoyed Prince Orlando, his willingness to do what he needed-and wanted- to do to wake A Christmas Sleeping Beauty. His thoughts made me laugh. I could so see a young man thinking these thoughts! He definitely deserves to wake his Princess. Princess Rosie, asleep as she is, is a compassionate and giving young lady. She is just what Orlando needs in his life. I’ve always enjoyed fairy tales and A Christmas Sleeping Beauty is a charming twist to an old tale. The characters and flow make for an enchanting Christmas fairy tale.

Red Roses for Authors:

When Orlando arrives to rescue his princess from her sleep he discovers that it isn't as simple as a kiss. The beautiful girl just keeps on sleeping. He is nonplussed until her fairy godmother explains that he must deserve her before he can claim her. The Prince who has never thought of much but his own cleverness and his own pleasures before must become a better person before Rosie will wake.

This is a new take on Sleeping Beauty and great fun for Christmas. Enjoy this tale of morality and love. - Five red roses

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