Monday 26 February 2024

New! Captives and Creatures: Six Medieval Romances. FREE Read with Kindle Unlimited

Six romantic stories, sensual and sometimes spicy, tales woven into medieval settings and now brought together in one volume.

Sebastian is an alchemist and neither handsome nor good-tempered, but when Melissa, daughter of his sworn enemy, falls into his hands as a war-prize, he finds himself beginning to change.

Valens makes arrows but is also a spy for Sebastian. Katherine is a young mother with a baby, kidnapped from a camp of women as a wetnurse for Valens’ dead sisters’ child. Katherine and Valens fall for each other, but can she trust him?

Julian, a northern sheriff, has the king’s trust and the loyalty of his men, but since the death of his wife he has been angry, plagued by nightmares, resentful, and wanting no other woman. Then he meets the mute Marian, the abused victim of outlaws, and knows her as a kindred soul. With help and love, can they both heal their wounds?

Morcar the Earl is a pagan, hated by the Norman Bishop Cyril. Cyril and his bastard son Gaspar plot to unseat Morcar and kidnap his

son Thorfinn to raise as a puppet manipulated by Cyril. Morcar is overcome and flung into a cave chained to a young woman, the witch Hemlock. Can they work together to escape? Can they recover Thorfinn? In the end, what future can there be between an earl and a witch?

Sir Gawain, poor, thoughtless and eager for glory, is on a quest to catch a unicorn. His reluctant companion, the virgin dairy-maid Matilde, hates the nobility and her fiery response to his attempts to discipline her leads to mutual respect, then fondness, even perhaps to love. When Matilde is taken by outlaws, Gawain realizes what she means to him and rides in hope of rescuing her. And the unicorn? The unicorn, too, has a part to play…

The youngest of nine sons, Jesse is amiable, chivalrous and used to coming last. Becoming a knight through his own efforts, he encounters a beautiful, virtually naked stranger in the countryside above the farmlands of his old home. Who is she and how can he help her? Jesse finds himself tested by the girl, by her unlovely family, and by the realisation that neither flaxen-haired maidens nor fire-breathing dragons are always what they seem.

609 pages 


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 Many of these stories also feature Magnus and Elfrida, the knight and the with from my novels The Snow Bride and A Summer Bewitchment. 

The Snow Bride: 
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