Thursday 30 June 2022

Christmas in July. My Medieval Holiday Romances with Prairie Rose Publications

 For Christmas in July, here are four of my Medieval Historical Romances, published by Prairie Rose Publications. All are Free to Read with Kindle Unlimited.

The Snow Bride (THE KNIGHT AND THE WITCH 1): USA UK #EXCERPT #ChapterOne #REVIEW #FreereadKU #KindleUnlimited #HistoricalRomance #HolidayFiction #paperback

She is Beauty, but is he the Beast?

Medieval Knight Sir Magnus searches the land for kidnapped brides. Hideously scarred, he is finished with love, until he rescues the beautiful witch Elfrida, whose innocence ignites his passion.

Sir Conrad and the Christmas Treasure USA


What is the true treasure of Christmas?

Maggie’s younger brother, Michael, is kidnapped by outlaws, and it’s up to her to rescue him. Appealing to Sir Conrad, the grim steward of the northern English high lands, is the very last thing she wants to do. With the very real possibility that the outlaws know of Michael’s talent—the ability to open any lock, to reveal any treasure—Maggie races against time to find him before his usefulness to the outlaws is ended.

Sir Conrad desires Maggie from the minute he sees her—she makes him feel alive again—and that has not happened since the death of his wife. Though he hasn’t known Maggie before, a strange feeling of familiarity nags, and he agrees to aid the beautiful peasant girl in this quest of finding her brother.

Sir Baldwin and the Christmas Ghosts. 

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Ambitious and arrogant, the young knight Sir Baldwin returns to his family’s lands and estate at Brigthorpe to face disaster. The pestilence has struck, destroying his parents and all his family save for a young half-brother, Martin, whom Baldwin does not wish to acknowledge because Martin is the bastard child of a serf. Baldwin needs to learn kindness and how to be a lord–and quickly.

Into this hopeless situation comes Sofia, a young woman who can see glimpses of spirits, of the restless dead. These revenants are very restless around Sir Baldwin.

Somehow, Baldwin and Sofia must work together, to make a true Christmas for the survivors of Brigthorpe and the Christmas ghosts. Can they do so in time—or will the gulf of class and custom make any love between them impossible?

Carrie's Christmas Viking 

He was trapped and she freed him



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