Saturday 11 May 2013

Historical Romance outside the Regency - please come and share here

Recently there have been discussions at Dear Author and All About Romance about the state of Historical Romance and the seeming dearth of stories set outside Regency high society. As readers and authors came in, it quickly became obvious that there are lots of historical romances out there. There's Georgian fiction, Medieval fiction, stories set in the ancient world, stories set in different cultures, stories set in the Regency period itself but featuring different classes and characters.

I thought I'd open this blog for readers and writers to share the huge range of historical romance now on offer. Please share your stories here in the comments section.

If you're a lover of Regency, pop over to my other blog for a chance to share your favourites.


Lindsay Townsend said...

I write ancient world and English medieval historical romances. You can see my work here on this blog.

Happy browsing!

Author H K Carlton said...

My second historical romance The Devil Take You has just come up for pre-order. The Devil Take You is set in 1307 Scotland during the wars of Independence. If you'd like to check out more or read the blurb here's my blog:

Thanks for the opportunity to post Lindsay!

Marie Laval said...

I know Regency novels are incredibly popular but there are so many fascinating periods of history, and so many places to discover which create wonderful settings and backdrops for historical romances!
Although my debut historical romance, Angel Heart, is set in 1815, it isn't a typical Regency since it mostly takes place in France against the backdrop of Napoleon's return from Elba, and has some paranormal elements to it.
My second historical romance, The Lion's Embrace,set in Algeria in 1845, took me on a wonderful journey across the Sahara desert to discover a little of the Tuareg culture.
Both novels are available from MuseitUp Publishing. Angel Heart is also available from at and
The Lion's Embrace is available from and

Glynis Peters said...

Thank you for the opportunity to share. I write in the Victorian era. If anyone wants to sample one of my books, I am giving it away as a launch gift to celebrate the sequel.

Miriam Newman said...

I love Regency, but that certainly is not the only historical romance available! My most recent novella, The Eagle's Woman, is set in Ireland and Norway circa 800 A.D. Before that, my novel of the Battle of Hastings, The Comet, was set in 1066 A.D. Either of those, as well as my other books, can be seen at

Jina Bacarr said...

Hi, Lindsay,

Thanks for the op to share my interest in the Titanic!

Check out my historical romance, Titanic Rhapsody, on my Titanic Rhapsody page

I also write a Titanic blog with background info on the grand ship Titanic, including one of my fave posts Titanic and the Pig

Jina Bacarr

Mary Nichols said...

Although I've written quite a few Regecy and Georgian novels, I also write sagas set in WW2. It is a period I am old enough to remember vividly. They are published by Allison and Busby. The most recent one is Escape by Moonlight, only out in hardback at the moment. The others are The Summer House, The Fountain, The Kirilov Star and The Girl on the Beach.

Elaine said...

Thank you for the opportunity to share my Regency Romances. Meet Marielle and York in Regal Reward and Emily and Marcus in A Convenient Pretense. Coming soon, Alaina's journey to America in A Kiss of Promise. Please come visit at
Love to have you "like" me!

woolfcindy said...

Thank you for the opportunity to share my western romances with your readers. I have 5 westerns set in 1880's Colorado. The latest one out is Heiress Bride by Cynthia Woolf. You can find all of my books at I hope you'll try them.

JoMarie DeGioia said...

Thanks for having us, Lindsay! My Dashing Nobles series is three books strong now, but there will soon be another story. Just Perfect comes between books 2 and 3 and was a blast to write! For those of you who read my books you should be pleased with what I've done with Lord Chester and his Constance. The first in the series, More Than Passion, is a #1 Bestseller on Amazon! Thanks again, Lindsay!

Marie Lavender said...

I am an avid historical romance reader and I actually published my first historical romance this year. So exciting! I couldn't have asked for a better publisher or cover artist. Here is my website where you can see my historical romance set in France in the 1860s.

Jean Bull said...

Thank you for letting us promote our historical novels on your blog. They all sound very interesting! Mine is set in 1930 and is about a girl who wants to fly a Gipsy Moth like Amy Johnson, but life gets in the way. It's called Gipsy Moth and is available on Amazon.

Rose Anderson said...

I love historical romances across the board. There's just something about being transported in time and experiencing love stories through vastly different eras. The trappings of time may change, those modes and mores that fit society in that moment, but love transcends time.

Two of my stories stretch across three novels and take place in the Victorian era. Dreamscape involves the ghost of Dr. Jason Bowen. He discovers he can ride dreams and finds himself alive in his time period in the days leading up to his murder. Loving Leonardo, and my most recent release Loving Leonardo - The Quest, is an unusual love story that just begs to continue with more adventures for my lovers. I just happen to have several in mind! Read the peeks inside: See the trailers:

Carol Spradling said...

Thanks Lindsay for opening you blog for everyone. I love historical romance, especially when the story is set in the early American period.

My latest release, Pursuing Honor, is the second book of a four book time travel series.

Here's a little taste of Honor's story:
Hunter Morgan is intelligent, handsome, and in love with Honor Moran. She has never given any indications that she would accept his marriage proposal, but medical school is over and Hunter needs to make his intentions known. All set to pop the question, he sees her nervously enter a dark alleyway known for ruthless activity. Hunter fears for her safety, and charges into the shadows after her. How could he know that his chivalrous act would launch him two hundred and fifty years into the past?

Honor had no idea it was possible to bring someone along with her when she traveled through time. She never wanted to hurt anyone during her stay in the future, especially Hunter. For two years, she has evaded his good looks and attention, but now, he lays unconscious at her feet, and has no way to return to his time.

Thrown back to a time as foreign to him as the means in which he got there, Hunter is determined to prove he is suited for anything as long as he has Honor's heart. Her growing feelings for him are threatened when her mysterious sister interrupts their chance for happiness. Honor will stop at nothing to prove her love for Hunter. And Hunter, he may have won the heart of the woman he loves, but is he willing to stay in a time that is not his own?

Redameter said...

I write historical westerns, usually set in mid-1800's. I have two at Decadent, Love Rules, and Beyond the Dream Catcher. Love Rules centers around the civil war, but it is a interracial historical western where a young mullato spies for the north and captures a injured rebel. She didn't count on falling in love with him and she certainly didn't count on being arrested by him either. Beyond the Dream Catcher pits a half breed trying to find a white woman that the Shaman has named as the savior of the tribe. But will she come with him, or will she turn her back on a her own Indian heritage?

Rosemary Morris said...


Thank you for the opportunity to introduce my novels set in England during Queen Anne Stuart's reign 1702 -1714 because, although I enjoyed writing my Regency novels, Sunday's Child and False Pretences, I wanted to set novels in a different era.

The events in Queen Anne's reign are interesting, and if Marlborough had not won the War of Spanish Succession history would have taken a very different turn.

The first novel set in Queen Anne's era is Tangled Love, in which the lives of Richelda, who is determined to prove her legitimacy, and Alban, recently back from India, become entangled.

The second novel is Far Beyond Rubies in which,when Gervaise sees Juliana for the first time, he recognises her, but not from their present lives.

I have done my best to bring to life the clothes, food, jewelery and much more in my tales.

My e-books are published by MuseItuPublishing.

The first chapters of each novel can be read on my