Thursday 2 February 2012

Two Lips Reviews gives 'The Snow Bride' 5 Lips & a Recommended Read!

I'm thrilled by this latest review of 'The Snow Bride' from Mac at TwoLips Reviews:

I was completely enraptured by The Snow Bride. It’s the best story I’ve read in quite some time. Ms. Lindsay Townsend creates scenery so vibrant I thought I could touch the mistletoe and freeze from the cold. Magnus became a beautiful knight in spite of his scarred face and maimed body as I saw him through the eyes of the heroine. His spirit of kindness and self-sacrifice made me believe he had a heart as big as the sky. I fell in love with him.

The heroine Ms. Townsend created was the kind of woman who could heal a broken heart and mend a wound with her unusual abiding kindness and devotion. She had a steel spine and courage but wisdom enough to listen to the voice of reason. The Snow Bride has everything a reader could ever want in a story: romance, intrigue, redemption and adventure. Ms. Townsend’s wonderful book, The Snow Bride is not to be missed. I could turn around and read it all over again. - Mac

(Five Lips, Recommended Read)

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Sarah J. McNeal said...

I have. always loved fairy tales. They usually have many layers to their meaning depending on your age and life experiences. My favorites were from Hans Christian Anderson: The Little Match Girl, The Night Cap and The Angel. I wept over those stories.
Wow! Congratulations on the super review, Lindsay.