Monday 26 July 2010

'A Knight's Enchantment': review roundup

I've been delighted at some of the reviews my latest medieval has been gathering:

Night Owl Reviews have just made it a Top Pick. Terri says she'd like to see more about the characters because she's still thinking about them and goes on, 'I believe Ms Townsend has raised the bar for this era for many of her fellow authors.'

Lauren Calder at Affaire de Coeur writes: 'Ms. Townsend sneaks into the heart of the reader and continually snags them with her enchanting story, feisty characters, and blushing romance.'

'Joanna and Hugh', writes CinLee at Romance Junkies, 'are a sweet couple that the reader can’t help but take to heart.'

Linda Sole at Red Roses for Authors concludes: 'This is an earthy, passionate romp through medieval England and keeps the reader on the edge right to the last. Townsend has warmth and a way of bringing a scene to vivid life so that in turning the pages the reader is transported to another place and time.'

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Savanna Kougar said...

Lindsay, congrats on your splendid reviews. You and your books so deserve them.