Tuesday 1 April 2008

A Knight's Enchantment

A beautiful alchemist and a valiant knight join forces to free their loved ones - and find an explosive passion...

Desperate to liberate her father who is being held prisoner by the corrupt Bishop Thomas, Joanna of Glastonbury must use her skills as an alchemist to produce an elixir for eternal life. Gold is a key ingredient, and while panning for its rare gleam, Joanna struggles to rescue a boy who is drowning - until a knight comes to her aid. When Joanna lays eyes on the handsome man, a scorching desire is sparked deep within her.

Hugh Manhill is captivated by Joanna's stunning beauty. When he and Joanna discover they share a mutual hatred of the Bishop, they devise a daring plan to save their imprisoned family members. Their common mission strengthens their undeniable bond. Soon, neither can resist their all-consuming passion as they risk all for love...

Kensington Zebra June 2010
$5.99 Paperback

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Romantic Times:
Townsend’s newest book, with its backdrop of political and religious intrigue and mayhem, delivers a romance not soon to be forgotten. With characters of great depth and emotion, torn between familial responsibilities and their deepening love, this explosive tale will bring joy and fulfillment to readers.

Sizzling Hot Books:

Knight's Enchantment is a great historical romance, well researched and one feels transported into the setting easily. Joanna may step outside of normal female roles of her time, but she still has most of the female limits of those times set on her and in other ways suffers for her unusual role of being an alchemist (bad or fearful attitude and rumors about her). Hugh is a great example of a tourney knight up to and including not being able to read! He tries to be chivalrous, but doesn’t let that keep him from doing what is needed to save his brother. And I must say Bishop Thomas is a great villain, especially for one we don’t see into his mind, just get his actions. One can’t help but hate him and want his downfall. Anyone who enjoys historical reading should be sure to check this one out.

Red Roses for Authors:
This is an earthy, passionate romp through medieval England and keeps the reader on the edge right to the last. Townsend has warmth and a way of bringing a scene to vivid life so that in turning the pages the reader is transported to another place and time. Anyone who enjoys a good story that is well written will want to read this book.
Romance Junkies:
A KNIGHT’S ENCHANTMENT is action packed as well as filled with emotion as Joanna and Hugh learn to trust one another and share their innermost feelings. Humor laces the story as well, as Joanna struggles with her difficulties with riding horses. Joanna and Hugh are a sweet couple that the reader can’t help but take to heart. If you are a lover of medieval romance, you can’t miss A KNIGHT’S ENCHANTMENT.
Affaire de Coeur:

Ms. Townsend sneaks into the heart of the reader and continually snags them with her enchanting story, feisty characters, and blushing romance.
 Historical Novels Review (from print edition):

Will Joanna and "hot and dangerous" Hugh fall in love in this 13th century romance? Certainly, but only after an entertaining round of fights, sassy dialogue, and smouldering sex scenes drawing to a satisfying conclusion as the pair join forces to thwart the bishop and rescue their loved ones. Author Lindsay Townsend handles the book's historical details with skill. Particularly well-done are the secondary characters who round out this tale of love and desire in medieval England.

Night Owl Reviews (Top Pick)

I found myself being drawn into this story and wondering frequently where it was going. Yet, I never got bored with it and found myself wondering about several of the characters. I’m still wondering about a few and would truly love to see more of them! There were so many unique aspects that I believe Ms Townsend has raised the bar for this era for many of her fellow authors. I truly love a well written, well researched romance that lets me visualize what’s happening as I actually learn something. Great job!

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